"Our Vision"

To develop society through the  sound and excellent administrative system


"Our Mission"

To uplift the people's socioeconomic level and physical life standard through the committed, equitable, friendly and efficient service, effective and efficient resource management and sustainable development projects etc.




History of Alayadivembu Divisional Secretariat

Before 1985 Alayadivembu was considered part of Akkaraipattu Divisional Secretariat. Later, According to the increase of population and In order to extend better service to public in Alayadivembu steps were taken to have a separate Ds Division. Accordingly sub Ds Division was established on 29.07.1985 and later it had been declared to operate as a fully DS Division on 1993.10.02

Alayadivembu Ds Division is well endowed natural resources. Agriculture, Fisheries, Cottage Industry and trade contribute significantly to the local economy development. It started with petty trade in the early history of the division and expanded little by little to large scale trading nowadays. Alayadivembu DS Division has total coastal length of about 05km. It is best for coastal and off shore fishing. In the early time, fishery activities took place using traditional Craft ( Katumarang). Later Fishermen engaged little by little in modern fishing.

Many People living in Alayadivembu engaged in Agriculture. Paddy cultivation, vegetable cultivation, fruit cultivation, coconut cultivation and cattle rearing, goat rearing and poultry are components of Agriculture. The major part of Agriculture is paddy in which 12188.9 hectare are cultivated.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
S.Arudsivam 1985.05.10 1989.01.25
A.Arulampalam 1989.01.26 1991.05.12
M.Thayaparan 1991.05.13 1997.07.20
S.Arulrasa 1997.07.21


S.Karan 2007.02.01 2009.07.16
V.Jegadeesan 2009.07.17 2018.08.14
K.Lavanathan 2018.08.14  

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Independance Day Function

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Statistical Data Entry Meeting

Statistical data meeting at 6/2/2019 at 11.00am

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